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10 Best Quarantine Date Night Ideas

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

Over the past year we’ve all gotten really good at staying home. We work from home, learn from home, and heck we even socialize from home. This new normal probably has you feeling more stir crazy than romantic when watching movies from the couch on a Friday night-again. Even though quarantine has made dating harder to imagine, date nights are essential to maintaining a healthy and happy relationship. With everything going on dating may be last on your never ending list of To Do’s, so we thought we’d take some of the guess work out of quarantine dating for you. We have options to help you connect as a couple even if physical connection isn’t feasible at the moment. So, that’s it- clear some time on your schedule, gussy yourself up, and try out one of these fun ideas to “date night” at home.

Make a Vision Board

With a new year comes a new opportunity to set your intentions. We do it for our businesses, we do it for our health, why wouldn’t we do it for our relationship? This is the perfect opportunity to sit down and discuss your goals for the year as a couple.

Check out this great book from Amazon that will provide plenty of material to make your vision boards.

Make it Virtual- This is a conversation that can be had via skype or zoom. You can make separate vision boards but be sure to include each other

Pro-tip- Get frames and make a gallery wall. You can print out the photos and have a nice sleek show stopping piece that also reminds you of your goals.

Pretend you are on a Cooking Show

Hasn’t everyone pretended that they were the host of their very own cooking show while making something yummy in the kitchen? No- Just me? Well here is your opportunity to try it out with this fun and delicious date night. No script or recipe needed.

Turn it up Iron Chef style with this Kitchen timer.

Make it Virtual- Take a virtual cooking class like the one offered here.

Pro-tip- Record your shenanigans and then have fun reliving the moment while you enjoy your meal.

Write Love Letters

When was the last time you sent or received a handwritten letter-let alone a LOVE letter? There is always something more personal about someone taking the time to handwrite their feelings for you. So, this date night is an opportunity to slow things down. Set the mood; play some soft music, light a few candles, and really allow yourselves to be vulnerable. For some this can be hard, so don’t be afraid to retreat into separate rooms and come together to read them. However, you choose to execute this date night, I guarantee you and your spouse will be closer than ever by the end of the night.

Make it Virtual- Hand pen love letters and mail them to each other.

Pro-tip- Make a few extra love notes and have them pop up throughout the week- on the bathroom mirror, in your partners lunch, or a special place only the two of you know about.

Have a Picnic

A picnic is a great option for a last-minute date night idea because you don’t need much more than a blanket, a few pillows, and some snacks- Fondue is one of our favorites. Whether you setup on the living room floor, the dining room table 16 candles style, or in your backyard/patio picnics help you to slow time and just enjoy the moment. Keevents specializes in romantic event planning and picnics. Get your setup HERE.

Make it Virtual- Coordinate with your spouse on snacks, throw a blanket down, and get to video chatting.

Pro-tip- Try this one at night, stargazing while picnicking is particularly romantic. Check the weather if you are planning an outdoor rendezvous. While all the most romantic scenes in movies involve a rain-soaked kiss, in reality we’d rather not have rain in our Fondue, however if rain is your jam, go for it - no judgment here.

Old School Movie Night

Over the last year, we have all probably spent more time binge watching shows than we care to admit. So, it stands to reason that this may not be your first thought for a romantic evening, but we challenge you to turn it up a notch with an old school movie night (wait for it) in the back yard.

You and your spouse each get to pick one old school movie to show at your double feature. Get a projector, throw up a sheet/screen, and snuggle up with your coziest pillows and blankets. We recommend the cute projector to the left. Its compact and you can hook your phone right up to it.

This setting is already romantic but adding in the old school flix takes it to the next level. You get to learn more about your spouse’s based on their movie selection and it's a fun time to talk about the past and what memories their movie brings up. What’s better than a nostalgic date?!

Make it Virtual- Share your screen and let the movie play online. Coordinate on the snacks so you can feel together even though you are apart.

Pro-tip- Want to get out the house but still social distance? Look into drive-in movies in your area. The flatbed of a truck makes the perfect base for a cozy pallet.

Breakfast Date

The breakfast date is the no muss, no fuss, coziest of dates. There is no need to get all dressed up, your PJs are just fine. Surprise your spouse with room service at home and you can take as much or as little time as you need on this one. Breakfast is great weather you have to rush to the next room for work or if you have a full lazy Sunday morning to connect.

Let us not forget about pancakes and mimosas-perfection!

Make it Virtual- Have breakfast delivered to their house. Extra points if you know their go to breakfast spot/meal.

Pro-tip- Book a staycation at a local hotel (if it is safe to do so) and get the breakfast for free!


Put on your favorite record, dress up and pretend your living room (or any other part of your home) is your favorite dance spot.

Make it Virtual- Take a virtual dance lesson. Learn a new type of dance or sharpen your skills in your favorite genre. Here is a great example.

Pro-tip- Make a playlist of every song that holds a special meaning in your relationship. You'll be dancing and reminiscing until the wee hours of the morning.


This is a fun way for competitive couples to spend an evening. Decide on a recipe a few days before your date, so you have time to grab the ingredients ahead of time. Then, go head to head Nailed It style. Post photos of the completed products and let your social media friend’s pic the winner. Don’t tell them whose is whose. Afterwards enjoy your yummy creations.

Make it Virtual- Live stream the competition, invite your closest friends and family to watch.

Pro-tip- Use any leftover syrups, whipped creams or frostings later that night, and everyone's a winner in this competition. Just don't put them directly on your intimate areas, we only want one type of yeast involved on this date and thats the one yall used to bake.


Do you dream of waking up in Paris a top the Eiffel Tower, spending the day at Disney and then ending the day viewing the sunset off the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland? Well you can from the comfort of your own home. No passport, no problem.

Also, many of the worlds more prominent museums are offering virtual tours and live stream events that would make the perfect entertainment for a date night in.

Make it Virtual- This is already virtual. All you need to do is share your screen to take the trip of a lifetime together. Grab some of the photos off these sites to use as your virtual backgrounds. Don't forget to snap a few pics to remember your travels.

Pro-tip- Use some of these resources to help plan future trips for, you know, when the world opens up.

Get Active

Getting active together can be one of the best things you can do for your relationship. Not only do you have a built in accountability partner, but you also are showing that you care for your partners overall health and wellbeing. We suggest a late night yoga session. Nothing feels better than ending a stressful day with a series of stretches and poses that bring you all close.

Here are a few books to help you get started. Just click on the cover and you can pick it up from Amazon.

Make it Virtual- Take a virtual yoga class here.

Pro-tip- Yoga is seriously good for your sex life, which brings us to the Bonus date night.

Have Sex

Most of these date night ideas will end this way anyway. Sometimes, you just want to get straight to it-so yea, just have sex.

Make it Virtual- Sexting is a way to get the intimacy you crave when you cannot physically be with your partner. Before you hit send on that steamy message or risqué photo, be sure you and your partner have established ground rules that you are both comfortable with.

Pro-tip- Don’t get me wrong, I’m a romantic at heart; so if you need a little something extra, you can level this date up with the ultimate spa night leading up to the ultimate climax. Gather your favorite massage oils and facial creams, get a nice piece of lingerie or visit your local adult play shop before this date. Then get ready for a night of relaxation and intimacy.

Need help with the setup? visit Keevents to book the best date night you'll ever have!

If you try any of these dates on your own, let us know on Facebook + Twitter + Instagram

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