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Be Mine?

Valentine's Day is in 10 days and you haven't sealed the deal yet. Why? Don't just assume that your partner wants to be your Valentine. Even if the answer is undoubtedly "Yes", THE ASK will gain you some extra brownie points and bring a smile to your spouse's face. That is, what we in the love business call, a win-win.

So, what's the hold up? Ideas? Money? Time? We are about to solve all those problems for you right now. Just keep reading and when you're done, ask your spouse to be your Valentine or let Keevents Concierge help you do it.


Asking your boo to be your valentine doesn't have to be an involved process but it can be. Here are three ideas from simple to complex that you can use to pop the small question.

Simple: A Card

Words are worth a thousand words- or however that saying goes. This can be as simple as grabbing a quick card from the store and personalizing it with something special. You can also go all out and make a card. This is a great option if you are low on time and money but still want to put in the extra effort.

Pro-tip: Personalize. Add an inside joke or something special that only your partner would get. This will take your card to the next level and guarantee you get a YES!

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Medium: Delivery

This option is great because everyone loves a surprise delivery and you control the costs. You could literally have anything delivered; roses, teddys, and my personal favorite; food! Still a time saver but could get pricy depending on what you want to deliver.

Pro-tip: Use a local company to cut down on costs.

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Complex: Scavenger Hunt

X marks the spot, and so does this creative option for asking your partner to be your Valentine. This is really for my extra extra couples and it never fails. This can be done throughout the city in places that are special to you, but it can also be done right at home. The costs can fluctuate but this will take some time and effort to put together.

Pro-tip: This would make a great Valentine's date idea as well. Have the first few clues lead to you asking your spouse to be your Valentine, then the remainder of the clues leading to the actual date. I know it's risky but it is worth it.

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